Lekker Rewards Terms & Conditions

  1. The Stadium Lekker Rewards Programme is owned, operated and promoted by Stadium Fast Foods. The Rewards Programme (“the Lekker Rewards Card”) is issued by and remains the property of Stadium Fast Foods, which reserves the right to issue, decline and withdraw the Lekker Rewards Card at any time. The Lekker Rewards Card is not transferable and benefits accrue to the named Lekker Rewards Card member only.

  2. Participation in the Rewards Programme is subject to the terms and conditions that Stadium Fast Foods may, in its discretion, apply and/or amend from time to time. Should a person not agree to be bound by the Rewards Programme Rules, that person may not participate in the Rewards Programme. Existing Rewards members who do not agree to be bound by die Rewards Programme Rules, including any amendment thereof, must notify Stadium Fast Foods in writing to this effect, whereupon such Member’s participation in the Rewards Program will automatically terminate. The Rewards Programme and its benefits are offered at the sole discretion of Stadium Fast Foods, which has the right, without limitation, to unilaterally change, limit or cancel the Rewards Programme Rules or any of them at any time and Stadium Fast Foods may, without limitation change participating stores, conditions of participation, rules of earnings, redeeming, retaining, or forfeiting points and rewards, or rules governing the use of rewards or benefits. Stadium Fast Foods may without limitation an unilaterally terminate the Rewards Programme at any time upon reasonable notice provided that no alteration, amendment or termination of the Rewards Programme will affect any Rewards that have been issued at the time. Lekker Rewards points will remain valid for 30 days. Cash rewards held on the customer account will not be affected.

  3. You are required to submit your valid South African ID number or Passport number to register you Lekker Rewards Card.

  4. The accumulation of points and the issuing and use of rewards is subject to the Rewards Programme Rules. Each Lekker Rewards Member is responsible for familiarising him/herself with the Lekker Rewards Card terms and conditions, as amended from time to time, in order to understand his or her rights and responsibilities in the Rewards Programme.

  5. For points earned in the Common Monetary area, Rewards will be issued in South African Rands and may therefore only be used in South Africa. For points earned in the Lesotho area, Rewards will be issued in Maluti’s and may therefore only be used in Lesotho.

  6. The Lekker Rewards Card can be used at any Stadium Fast Foods which have the capability to scan the Lekker Rewards Card and process Rewards transactions. Stadium Fast Foods does not, however, guarantee that its computerised scanning system will always be online and available for Rewards transactions and accordingly reserves the right to temporarily reject the tender of any rewards if the system is offline.

  7. The Stadium Fast Foods Lekker Rewards Cards cannot be used as a credit, debit or guarantee cards.

  8. To earn points for a transaction the member’s Rewards Cards must be presented at the Till point, failing which the transaction cannot be recorded and no points will be earned.

  9. Stadium Fast Foods reserve the right to make certain products exempt from earning points.

  10. In the case of fraud or abuse involving the Rewards Programme, including conduct involving the accumulation of points or redemption of rewards, or any other aspect of the Rewards Programme, Stadium Fast Foods has the right to take appropriate administrative and/or civil or and/or criminal action against the Lekker Rewards member concerned, and all points accrued and unredeemed rewards issued through the Rewards Programme may be forfeited and the Lekker Rewards Card revoked in Stadium Fast Foods’ discretion.

  11. For all lost, stolen or defaced cards contact Stadium Fast Foods Head Office at +2751 430 7878. You can instruct Stadium Fast Foods to block/deactivate your lost, stolen or defaced card and request a new card subject to you providing a copy of your valid South African ID or valid Passport.

  12. Stadium Fast Foods Lekker Rewards will be earned for every purchase you make at a participating Stadium Fast Foods; you will receive 2% of your purchase back in cash on your Lekker Rewards Card.

  13. Rewards can be used at anytime and does not have to accumulate to a certain amount before it can be used.

  14. Lekker Rewards points earned for transactions where goods are returned or have to be voided will be deducted from your Lekker Rewards points balance.

  15. Money accumulated from Lekker Reward points switched to cash remains virtual money and no customer will receive cash money from the Lekker Rewards scheme. Monetary value is attached to the Lekker Rewards Card at which point the card assumes the function as a gift card.

  16. The balance of your Lekker Rewards can only be checked in participating Stadium Fast Food stores at one of our till points.