FAQ Regarding Stadium Fast Foods Franchise

What is the main requirements to open a franchise?

  • We require applicants to have a minimum of 5 years experience operating/ managing a business/ store in the food industry.
  • We will only consider applications proposing owner – operated franchises as we require our franchisees to be on site daily and be hands on with business operations.
  • New franchising locations will only be considered outside the radius of 250km of Bloemfontein.
  • Investor must have 60% of the investment amount in cash or as savings in the bank. We do not accept applications where the full set up cost is loaned or funded by an institution.

What is a franchise fee?

The franchise fee is made up of two components namely the Initial Franchise Fee also commonly known as a joining fee and secondly the ongoing franchise fee commonly known as Royalties. The initial franchise fee will include Operation manuals, initial training for staff and management, franchisor support/advise, negotiating of lease agreements and 1 week franchisor on site support during opening just to help you get started.

What are the different franchise outlets Stadium Fast Foods offers?

We offer 2 models, One being a Stadium Express Store which is smaller and specializes in tasty fish and our unique stadium recipe grilled chicken.

The second model is Stadium Fast Foods Foodcourt which is a larger store that specializes in our delicious Breakfasts and our signature Burgers along with Fish and grilled Chicken.

What is the royalty & advertising percentage of turnover?

Royalty: 5% of turnover
Advertising: 2%

What would the approximate setup cost be for a Stadium Fast Foods Branch?

Express: R1,300,000 (excl VAT)
Foodcourt: R2,300,000 (excl VAT)

We do not offer financing of any kind.

So, in short, what is the total cost to setup a Stadium Fast Foods Branch?

Express: R1, 570,000.00 excl vat / R1, 789,800.00 incl vat
Foodcourt: R2,680,000.00 excl vat / R3,055,200.00 Incl vat

How much working capital is required?

Express: +- R100 000
Foodcourt: +- R150 000

How much is required for stock?

Express: +- R70 000
Foodcourt: +- R110 000

What is the approximate size of a store?


100-200 square meters (seating)
70-100 square meters (no seating)


180-300 square meters (seating)
120 - 200 square meters (no seating)

What will be my return on investment?

Return on investment is dependant on site location and the capability to manage and run your business according to the specified Stadium Fast Foods standards and operating procedures.

What type of training is provided?

The training consists of 12 weeks for the Franchisee, 8 weeks for management and a further 4 weeks for the rest of the staff. Franchisee is responsible for transport and accommodation expenses for themselves and staff members while training. Only after successful training will franchise be granted.

What happens after sending my application?

It is processed & should your application be successful or unsuccessful you will be notified.

Is my franchise application confidential?

Your Franchise Application will be treated in the strictest confidence. The completion of the Franchise Application Form is a standard procedure and is in no way binding on either party

Franchise Cashflow Projection

Download the Franchise Cashflow Projection spreadsheet for more information.